Food (for Thought)

How’s your week been? I’m coming off a really intense week of moving house in NYC, and a really interesting transition to a new office space at work. So while Saturday was sleeping off Friday night and getting my groceries and room in order, Sunday is for reading.

Since the last post was all about food, here are some awesome bloggers and entries on food in the great wide world.

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a barebones guide to cooking on the road

Food is universally considered a good thing. One of my favorite activities is to cook for myself and others, despite the fact I am not the most fancy cook around.

Because of this trait, I often am asked about how I ate while I was traveling. Negotiating the balance between cooking on a backpacker’s budget and eating out at local restaurants while traveling is a personal process. It depends on one’s tastes and preferences, as well as any dietary and health restrictions. It can also be a social decision as well; I found cooking in hostels to be a great way to bond with other travelers, as I would often share ingredients and split home-cooked meals to save money and make new friends.

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