Sunday Reading – language and travel

Travel bloggers have a lot to say about language and travel. Why learn it? How can I learn while on the go? Read on!

Sunday Reading: Language and Travel

“Language is wine upon the lips.”Virginia Woolf

Happy Sunday! It’s a long weekend here (American Independence Day), which means a precious extra day to have a lie in and read!

This week’s list is some things I picked up around the internet while I was doing research for the recent post on language predominance, for those who want more commentary reading on the subject. Enjoy!

Nomadic Matt’s Don’t Learn a Foreign Language blog post: This post is a very well thought-out counterpoint to the implications I laid down. In my opinion, it can be dangerous and sometimes rude to not make an effort to try and speak someone’s native language. There are some situations where it is unavoidable. However, I can totally get behind this post’s point that learning nonverbal communication as a skill is incredibly valuable, and will serve a wide-ranging traveller very well in the long run. It’s a skill that you don’t totally realize is a skill until you’re put into foreign situations. Anyway! A fantastic read!


7 Tips for Learning Foreign Languages on the Road by the husband-and-wife team at Uncornered Market. This post has a wealth of really great advice for travelers who are looking to learn languages casually, but with some sticking power. The writers are totally aware of the time crunches and lack of resources available to most travelers, and work that understanding into their tips. They’re very simple tactics, but ones that are much more powerful than sitting down in a chair and looking at vocabulary lists until something sinks in. In other news, I’m so glad I discovered these people, because a lot of their works are incredibly thoughtful and their location picks overlap with so many of the places on my wish list it ain’t funny. Go check them out!


Importance of Language When You Travel over at LandLopers. If the last rec was the “how,” this piece gives a few very simple, practical reasons “why” to learn foreign languages as a traveler. My favorite: striving for fluency is unnecessary.


How to Learn a Language over at Travel + Leisure. This piece is a lot longer and more detailed than an average blog post (more of a research-and-testing journalistic piece). But it goes into the personal experience of the author trying to learn a language and then going out to test his knowledge. Worth a read!


That’s all for this week — have a lovely weekend all!!



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