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Travel Politics

This week’s reading list is a little sparse, on account of the fact that I’ve discovered a bit of a gap in the coverage of travel writing (or at the least, travel writing that is free on the internet for me to read). Where’s the gap? Politics.

There are a few really excellent online publications out there doing work that walks the line between destination-based writing and political stories — chief among them being the esteemed Roads & Kingdoms. Take a roll through their politics section, I guarantee that you won’t be disappointed. Their piece on food politics in Idomeni, a refugee camp on the Greek border, is both horrifying but a stunningly beautiful read.

However,  digging a little deeper I also found Travelmind, a wide-ranging blog by an Istanbul-born lawyer and political scientist. All the posts are destination-oriented, but don’t shy away from cultural and political topics that are usually circumvented on the travel-lifestyle platforms.


That’s all I have for you this week. New posts are in the pipeline! I’m planning to have posts here incorporate more research and international context from here on in.

What are your favorite political- and culture-oriented travel blogs? Why? I’m on the hunt for more reading, and recommendations are so welcome!



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