Food (for Thought)

How’s your week been? I’m coming off a really intense week of moving house in NYC, and a really interesting transition to a new office space at work. So while Saturday was sleeping off Friday night and getting my groceries and room in order, Sunday is for reading.

Since the last post was all about food, here are some awesome bloggers and entries on food in the great wide world.

  • I’ve totally mentioned Jodi Ettenberg and her amazing Gluten Free Guides before, but she’s well worth a mention. She has brilliant translation cards and resources for celiac travelers, but even if you’re not celiac, I highly recommend a look at her work.
  • Pretty locale-specific, but this post on local Montreal markets made me wish I had spent a bit more time there when I visited McGill in early 2010.
  • To say I miss the Balkans is an understatement. Not quite as food-focused, but the Funnelogy Channel has a lovely piece that revolves around a byrek maker in Albania.
  • Hashem Restaurant had one of my all-time favorite breakfasts. Not kidding. Migrationology does an appropriately visual writeup on the foods they serve, it’s well worth a look.


That’s all from me this weekend, may you eat many great things this coming week!





Author: Rachel S

writer, wanderer, constantly confused

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