tuesday link day!

Today we are trying something new! In the effort of discovering other really cool travel bloggers out there on the internet and in sharing knowledge, I’ve decided to start posting sets of links by the week to pass on other great content I keep finding!

Over the past couple days, here are some cool things I found!

Nomadic Matt recently announced what looks like a pretty awesome course designed to help improve travel writing skills!

Always a bastion of quality content, Roads and Kingdoms recently published this article about the keeper of a botanical garden in Tajikistan recovering from civil war and economic plight.

I had a huge kickback to my time in Jordan from reading the Migrationology post on Mansaf. If you have the chance to try it and you aren’t vegetarian, please do!

Finally this brilliant post from Legal Nomads on balancing fear, travel, and risk assessment perfectly encapsulates so many feelings I have when asked about traveling alone, especially in the last couple years, over the Middle East, Turkey, and Eastern Europe. Very much worth the read!

That’s all for now! Have any reading recommendations for me this week? Post them in the comments below or reach out by email, Twitter, or Instagram!!

xx Rachel



Author: Rachel S

writer, wanderer, constantly confused

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