New Places, New Faces

Hello readership!

I thought it would be remiss of me not to have a small informational update about what’s going on over on this end.

I moved! To the beautiful and mysterious Brooklyn, NY!

Which is great, because it means now I have a job and a room and a wealth of new and awesome places to explore. But moving is rough, especially when you were living out of a suitcase and didn’t realize that you might need things like curtains, clothes hangers, a mattress, and blankets, drycleaning, and moreΒ sweaters while you’re ducking between a few different job interviews.

Because my update schedule is fairly light to begin with,Β this transition shouldn’t interfere with rroaming content going up on time. But as I’m planning to hopefully incorporate my explorations of this new city into some features here, I thought it would be best to announce it here.

If anyone has any tips, tricks, or recommendations for the New York City/Brooklyn area (nightlife, food, beverages, parks), please comment or send them on over!


x Rachel


Author: Rachel S

writer, wanderer, constantly confused

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